Befriendin’ Loneliness
And – it creates Emptiness
Growin’ the Hole
When you summon up your Soul,
Yet – Loneliness is not Heartless
Because Heartless is emotionless
And – when you’re not Heartless
It’s not yet hopeless,
Like a Tyrant – it enslaves
Cloudin’ you with Boredom
Freezin’ your Souls
Puttin’ away your Freedom,
But – that’s not emotionless
Since it’s not yet hopeless,
And – it squeezes your Mind
Takin’ away your Kind
And – it stirs your Art
Deceivin’ your Heart,
That’s Loneliness
And – it’s not yet hopeless
Since it’s not emotionless
Because it’s not yet Heartless,
But – Loneliness is the Night
Your Heart tries to hide
Helpin’ your Mind to grow
And then – you can know,
That – Loneliness is not Heartless
Because Heartless is emotionless
And – when there is no Emptiness
It’s not yet hopeless.

Dear Readers,

As a writer, editor, researcher, and hopeless bibliophile I get the opportunity to interact  with people from all over the world.  This is the part of the bardic tradition I love most; to hear new stories.  Each person I come to know has a unique human experience to share.

Today I’d like to introduce you to a brilliant young linguist named Dominic.  We met through a Facebook page dedicated to students taking a Coursera linguistics class.  I was in geekgirl heaven, I was there exchanging pleasantries with people from countries around the world.  We were all discussing our strengths and goals in multilingual fluency, when I offered to assist any of the ones who were asking for help in becoming more fluent in American English.

Dominic instantly took me up on my offer, and we began conversing.  I was at first completely blown away by his fluency.  A native French speaker, Dom is a university student from Quebec.  He’s incredibly fluent in English, and part of that is thanks to a gift from an unexpected source: Asperger’s syndrome, a neurological condition on the Autism Spectrum.

Dom’s disease has often made him feel isolated, and that is reflected in the poem above.  He’s often told me that he feels a little less lonely since we’ve become friends.  I truly enjoy getting to know this vivacious young man via instant messaging.  He is fascinated by all things linguistic, and in that we have a common interest.

I hope that by sharing his poem and our random meeting through a shared interest you might be inspired to reach out to someone in turn.  It costs you absolutely nothing to be kind, and the reward is great.  A candle’s light is never diminished when it’s flame is shared.  Be a light.


Thanks for reading!

the groovyone



My Dear John Letter Part 7-We All Shine On

Yesterday marked the 35th anniversary of the coldblooded killing of John Lennon, and the 11th anniversary of the same fate for “Dimebag” Daryl. Two legendary musicians gunned down 24 yrs apart without provocation by individuals who pushed their own misery onto the hearts of millions world wide.  As celebrities, they were targets of fanatical behavior that manifested itself upon them in varying degrees of fanaticism.  Their daily lives were molded to conform to this reality.

John fought for peace, Daryl for respect.  Their messages so powerful that even death couldn’t silence them.  Regardless of the goals of their killers, their ideals live on, and if my newsfeed is any indication, they are spreading like wildfire once again.  Their songs becoming anthems, rallying cries against the inhumanity that is running amok.  Through the universal language of music, even a hippie and a headbanger can find a common groove.

The tragic events that are happening worldwide are often soul crushing, I’ve often found myself overwhelmed with sadness for the misery of my fellow man.  Stories of displacement, abuse, hunger, disaster, anger, devastation, war, bigotry, and sorrow assault us from all sides.  The only chance we have is to fight back with love, hope, and respect.  Sadly, the victims aren’t the real target when these horrific events unfold.  The true goal is to control us by fear, we don’t have to give in.  We can fight back.

John and Daryl delivered their messages in distinctly different ways, but their legacies are singly united each year on December 8.  We can use their music to fuel our dreams for a better tomorrow.  We sing their anthems loud and clear and let them drive us to spread kindness.  By embracing empathy for people of all walks of life,  we defeat terror from those who would divide us.  If we aren’t afraid of one another based on superficial facts like race, color, gender, or religion, show some RESPECT; then we’ll find WE ALL SHINE ON!