Good Day, Sunshine

Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun

Lately, I’ve been learning a lot about myself; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

InIspired by Jared Padalecki who plays Sam Winchester on one of my all time favorite television series, “Supernatural”.  The Winchester Brothers fight demons, angels, and assorted gods and mythological creatures on the CW series, but in real life Jared fights his own demon; Depression.  Having come out swinging against the stigma of mental illness, Jared has become the willing and hilarious poster boy for those living with mental illnesses and their families and friends.  #AlwaysKeepFighting reminds us that the battle never ends, but thanks to this amazing actor (I’m not going to list all the ways he rocks, check out his site here, or follow him on Facebook or twitter, and read one single post from the guy and you’ll get it) a conversation has been started, and is taking the internet by storm.  His co-stars are equally fantastic human beings, Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) and Misha Collins (Castiel…wait for it, there’s way more Misha to come in this post) have embraced their fandom in a truly Supernatural  way.  Very few celebrities have inspired so many to be better people by example the way these gentlemen do.  Jared and Jensen team up off screen and save people in real life by reminding folks they aren’t alone, and that ANYONE can have these diseases here.  SPN fans rejoiced Moose and Squirrel once again joined forces with this brilliant shirt.

I’m learning to explore and interact with my world more, thanks to the incredible guidance my exceptionally groovy therapist given me.  She told me to “Be Intentional”.  She left it there for me to ponder, and knowing my love of words, knew this would sow the seed of a linguistic enigma in my mind.  She was so right.  It’s not easy, being intentional, but it’s how I #AlwaysKeepFighting.  My phenomenal boyfriend, affectionately called hereafter “Dimples”, has been unconditional in his love and support.  The youngest clones, Tink and The Divine Miss Em, and just returned from a lovely vacation to southern Texas to spend a precious week with him, and it was glorious.  Dimples supports me in everything; my career, my momness, and my illness.  He’s naturally a quiet, shy guy, and has excellent listening skills.  For the first time in my entire life, I’m positive the person I’m speaking to is actually interested in what I’m saying.  That’s pretty freaking fantastic, in my book, because I tend to babble.

Dimples is joining me in this year’s GISHWHES Hunt.  If you don’t know what that is, click here and prepare yourself for the ABNOSOME (yes, I know that’s a hybrid word, and yes I usually hate that, but somehow this works for me, and I retain the right to use slang if I want, and still have great grammar) that is Misha Collins’ brainchild.  Not only do we get to join in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen, but we are helping others in the process.  Talk about Instant Karma!  This year is the 5th year of the hunt, and in the previous 4, Misha’s Minions, his fandom’s choice moniker, have made history each year by being entered into the Guinness Book of World Records SIX times for various Random Acts of Kindness and hilarious fun.  I can’t wait till August 1, I’m so excited to be part of this!  Help Misha help the world have a crazy fun time while performing random acts of abnosome.  Thanks, Dimples, for being my partner in crime for gishwhes!

So, yeah, I’m Being Intentional, and I’m loving every minute of it, and I think it’s bringing a lot of positive changes to my life.  I’ve just been given my first 5 star rating as a freelance writer and editor, and for the first time my dedication to my craft has paid off in a way I can see, and I’m ready to see what the next chapter brings.   The possibilities are endless, and even if there are internal and external struggles, I will #AlwaysKeepFighting, because I have my kids, Dimples, great friends and family, renewed faith, The Winchester Brothers and an Angel in a trenchcoat, and The Beatles providing the soundtrack.  That’s my idea of the perfect recipe for happiness.

Thanks for walking with me down the Long and Winding Road, here are some pics of us geeking out at CapeCon, and rocking our #AlwaysKeepFighting shirts.

IMG_0526 IMG_0944 IMG_0386