I Am He As You Are He as You Are Me As We Are All Together…….

This blog is about me discovering myself.  Peeling the layers of me back one by one until my true soul is bared.  This could be a long road, y’all.  Virtually everyone has multiple sides to their personalities, and I’m no exception.  Some days it’s a struggle to keep the groovychick in front, some days I fail.  As much as I try to let my love light shine at all times, I can’t.  I’m working on that.  

So, I guess it’s time to introduce you to the rest of me.  You’ve met the mom, the hippie and the bookworm. Say hi to the biker chick, and the cynic.  I’m pretty random, I fully admit that.  There are times when no matter how much I adore The Beatles, I just need some System of a Down, or Metallica, or Beastie Boys to put my mind right.  I can headbang with the best of them, and love few things more than being on the back of a bike just cruising.  

This life has been seldom kind to me, but I’ve managed to survive.  I’m not really sure why I’m still here, only that I am, so there must be more for me to do.  I’ve certainly cheated death enough times already to be thankful for each and every breath I still draw.  I used to ask myself why the Fates had decided to test me so very often, but now I don’t care why, only that I pass.  It’s not the easiest thing to balance my jaded side with my hopeful side.  

“Patience is a virtue,” a phrase I’ve often touted to the Clones, is a daily mantra for me.  I remind myself that though my spirit is battered and worn, it’s resilient.  So long ago I can’t remember exactly when, I learned to compartmentalize.  Boxing up and stowing away pieces of me until they are needed.  I’ve found this approach to existence both lifesaving and troublesome.  People tend to want me to only be part of myself, the problem with that is everyone wants a different side.  

Like a jigsaw puzzle, it takes all the pieces to make a whole.  Thank you again, for walking this path with me, and hope you enjoy journey.




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