The Fae Of Aedon

I decided to enter this year’s NaNoWriMo. I will be submitting my fairy tale “The Fae Of Aedon”. This story has been evolving for a few years now, and I hope you will like it. I’m taking the plunge, and am going to be giving you excerpts from it as I try to finish it in 30 days, to be able to submit it. Thanks for any feedback you have in advance!

Chapter 1

Natalia was a whimsical child. Big dark blue eyes and an impish grin combined with her coppery curls set her apart from the other kids. But it wasn’t her looks that made them proudly call her leader. No, it was the fact that she was an honest to goodness fairy. It was true; they had all seen her do magic any number of times. It didn’t matter that the grownups never seemed to notice, all that mattered to the other kids at the orphanage was that she was there.
There were about 30 children at Mercy Home for Abandoned Children. A kindly old woman and her not-so-kindly daughter ran the place. The elder answered to the affectionate name of Aunty Belle, the younger went by the prim Ms. Snippet. Mr. Jim (the caretaker) and the Howells (maid and butler) made up the rest of the adults. The orphans were fairly lucky, as far as orphans can be, because the grownups that took care of them weren’t horrible. Everyone was well fed, and each child, young or old, had their own place in the household.
Aunty Belle was very old, she was also very rich, and even had a royal title; Duchess. Actually, the entire place was like a tiny little kingdom all by itself. A rambling estate provided almost all that the orphanage needed, anything else could be gotten from the town nearby. So, you can see, if one must be an orphan, they would indeed be lucky to end up at Mercy Home.
In every kingdom, there is a hierarchy, and while the entire household upheld Aunty Belle as the supreme ruler, the children revered Natalia. From Sonya, the oldest orphan to baby Henry, they all followed their fairy princess. The six year old held court daily in the garden when it was warm and the library when the weather drove them indoors. Each day after classes, and Ms. Snippet had retired to her room to rest before dinner, Natalia called her brothers and sisters to her side. She told them stories, the most amazing stories, or she painted pictures that seemed to have life of their own. She would sing lovely songs with words they didn’t know, or she would play her little flute. During the entertainment, the other kids sat around her enchanted by the creature that could bring such beauty to their lives.
Supper was always Natalia’s favorite part of the day, the older kids helped the little ones through the meal, and she would get to sit with Daniel. Daniel was six, like her, the only other one her age. There were lots of little kids, and lots of big kids, but Daniel was the only other six year old, that made him her best friend. Daniel was amazing! He could run faster, climb higher, and do just about anything better than the rest. Too bad Daniel didn’t agree. He happened to be kind of embarrassed that Natalia liked him so much.
“Daniel, I bet you can’t guess what I found today!” giggled Natalia, her indigo eyes sparkling. Shoving her hand into her pocket, she withdrew a small brass coin. It was stamped on one side with a great oak tree and a profile of Natalia on the other. She rubbed the coin with her sleeve, trying to shine it up.


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