Daily Prompt: A to Z

All around us, the air is charged with magical energy.

Before our eyes, scenes of love and destruction play out.




Fate wiggles her fingers, making the puppets dance.

God or Goddess?  

Humanity or Mother Earth?

It’s a timeless battle.

Just out of reach; the elusive TRUTH

Kaleidoscope eyes are needed.

Look beyond the veil.

Mercy, faith, and love may win out yet.

Naysayers scream in defiance.

Outside of ourselves lies the gateway.

Pride and greed unbalance already tipping scales.

Quests and prayers, but to what end?

Reason and clarity take a step back, falling into the recesses of souls.

So it has always been, such it may always be.

TRUTH, there seem to be too many versions of it.

Unless we learn to see with the same eyes, it shall never be found.

Viciousness in the name of love.

When will we throw off these lies?

Xanadu isn’t a fairy tale, it’s a possibility.

You, me, and the billions of humans that roam this planet are the future.

Zion is a place only to be found in our hearts.


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