Pieces of my Heart

In my dreams, you are here with me, and my heart is whole again.  We never have to say goodbye, and each day isn’t another one without you.  Our time doesn’t have a limit, and we know that tomorrow will be the same as today; together.  In my dreams, you don’t see me as a sometimes figure in your world, but as a constant.

The heartache of missing you never subsides, making the days endless, and the nights lonely.  I long to kiss your foreheads before you drift off to dream, and greet you with a smile and a hug each new day.  I wish for the time when the tears aren’t threatening to fall with every thought of you.  Our times together are always bittersweet, as I know it won’t last, and once again I’ll have to let you go, not knowing when you’ll be with me again.

Since the moment you came into my life, you’ve been my sunshine on a cloudy day.  Even when you are miles away, I carry the sound of your voices and the smiles in your eyes in my heart.  Some days, that’s the only way I make it through the pain.  Half of my heart lies in yours, and I wonder when our day will come.  When will we have you home, to stay, not just for a short while?  When will your laughter mix with theirs again, creating the most lovely music I know?  I don’t have the answers to this, only time will reveal that.  Until then, I’ll do as I’ve always done, and hold you here in my soul, until you are once again in my arms.


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