Imagine being at peace with all reality now

Exceptional 🙂

power of language blog: partnering with reality by JR Fibonacci

JL wrote:

What a concept. Lets hear your thoughts.

(in regard to this picture:)

(I find that picture of him rather sad-looking….)


J R Fibonacci Hunn Ok. Imagine that there are countries and that there are a lot of people talking about dying for their country and killing for their country. Imagine a bunch of first world socialists taking for granted the sacrifice of their armed forces and the advantages of themselves happening to live within the jurisdiction of the world’s dominant military superpower. Imagine lots of people being ashamed about it and shaming other people about all the “undeserved” benefits of being the imperial power. 

In most of the world, the average INCOME might be $8,000 per year, right? In the US the average HANDOUT might be $8,000 per year.

I am making up these numbers, but it is strange how the spoiled socialists in an imperial superpower…

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