Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits

Every once in a while, we meet someone we instantly connect with in a deeply profound way.  This happened when the lovely Kirsten Maloney walked in my ill fated book store in Lafayette, IN this spring.  Over coffee we discussed books, art, and the trials and tribulations of single motherhood.  During our chat, I mentioned my adoration of a certain sister of He-Man.  A few days later she popped in with a colored pencil sketch of my favorite superhero.  She had free handed her in an afternoon to cheer me up.  Since, I have become the proud possessor of several of her pieces, and they are scattered around my tiny country cottage I’ve retreated to after the misery of that city.  Kirsten was a rare gem of beauty in a town I grew to find ugly.  Please, browse her fine art, and support this amazing artist, who is also a teacher and a single mom of 4 awesome boys.  I am honored she is my friend, and completely in awe of her ability to create such beautiful pictures.


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