Instant Karma



These are kids from Kinderstep Daycare, in East Prairie, MO.  They are smiling because they just got a donation of many books from Give a Kid a Book, a book giving program I am trying to get started.    It is my firm belief that a child’s life can be forever altered by books still, and I’ve made it my personal mission to put a book into the hands of every kid I can.  I am a perfect example of what can happen when you Give a Kid a Book.  Throughout my childhood, I was given reading material from all genres and ideologies.  This has instilled a never ending curiosity in me that grows each day, instead of falling into the recesses of memory as curiosity does with many people.  I think this is awesome, because I learn something new daily, and life is never boring when you are learning!

The awesome ladies at Kinderstep have a natural easiness about them, that makes kids LOVE to learn with them.  They do all the basics for pre-k as well as arts and crafts, and summer classes for the older kids.  My own youngest daughters spent quite a bit of time there a few years back.  I was able to work each day safe in the knowledge that my girls were not only being watched well, but learning something new each day.  They were always excited when I picked them up, chattering away about the things they’d done.  I think this should be the future of teaching.  Less state minimum testing and more passion for learning, taught only by those with a passion for teaching and instilling that love of learning in the next generation.

So, I’d like to ask you to remember to Give a Kid a Book!  It’s easy, all you have to do is comment the name, age, school and what that child is interested, and I’ll make sure they randomly receive a book from me throughout their school career. 🙂  Also, preschools and daycares may be submitted, as well as after school programs, adult education centers, rehabs, shelters, and jails and prisons.  You may wonder why I include the adult programs, and my answer is this:  It’s never too late to fall into a story, and find your own!  Reading is timeless, and cares not your age or ability, only that you read.

I titled this “Instant Karma” because for me, the smiles on the staff and kids’ faces at Kinderstep are for me, what makes this world revolve.  People sharing and caring.  I know they will have many years of good use from the teaching materials and story books they received, and that lets me know there is a little more hope for our future as a whole, because now the amazing staff has more to work with!  Thank you once again, Mr. Mark Williams, for notifying me of the hundreds of texts books, story books, and classroom materials that were about to be shredded for recycling, allowing me a chance to rescue them!  You are always a hero in my book!

English: A multi-volume Latin dictionary (Egid...
English: A multi-volume Latin dictionary (Egidio Forcellini: Totius Latinitatis Lexicon, 1858–87) in a table in the main reading room of the University Library of Graz. Picture taken and uploaded on 15 Dec 2005 by Dr. Marcus Gossler. Español: Diccionario de latín (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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4 thoughts on “Instant Karma

    1. Thank you! I really liked your “Inferno” review. I’m always excited to read his stories, they are so beautifully descriptive. A good book can transport a person, and that’s why I Give a Kid a Book 🙂

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