Summer of Infamy

As we roll down the highway on a breezy, blue Saturday afternoon, I watch the clouds float serenely through an azure sky.  Fields and forests dapple the countryside in a myriad of shades of  verdant greens and rich browns.  The dividing line between earth and sky seems to be clearly defined on the horizon.  The radio is belting out a summer love song.  As is often the case, the background music suits my mood. The smell of honeysuckle floats on the air.

Serene would be the word I would pick to best describe myself today.  This is rare.  Most times, I’m distracted by a thousand need-to-do’s and only catch the wanna-do’s in stolen moments.  I’ve been doing much soul searching of late.  One thing I’m learning is how to let go, and Let It Be.  I’ve begun being caught up in the little moments that make up each day, yet are sometimes overlooked.  Lately, I’ve been seeing the world through kaleidoscope eyes again.

I realized how much I missed being thrilled by the simple things, I’ve been wound tighter than an eight day clock  That’s definitely NOT groovy.  That poses a problem, since I’m the groovychick.  So, I declare this the summer of reconnecting with myself and my loved ones, as well as the world around me.  I think this will be a marker along my pilgrimage.  It will be a summer of infamy..  


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