Renaming my Bookstore- A Quandry

I’m going to rename the bookstore.  Due to circumstances that point directly to human idiocy, I am in a position where I need to take a new name for myself.  I’d like some input on the subject, as I really liked the name I had before, and had spent agonizing weeks deciding on it.  Here are a few suggestions I’ve received so far:

The Paperback Writer

Between the Lines


Those are just a few, please, comment and give suggestions!  Thanks for your help.

I’ll close with this from John:

“Whatever gets you through the night, it’s alright”



4 thoughts on “Renaming my Bookstore- A Quandry

  1. Hi Kassie. I think “Gypsy Mama’s Book Emporium” would be a cool name. I was a Big fan Of the Echoes name but I understand needing to change it too. Good luck in your search.:)

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