How to be a good WOW

This should be required reading for anyone who dates/marries/is related to/knows a writer.

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Greetings all, no real news but I have been thinking about something that I find interesting, and decided if I liked it you may (after all you’re reading my blog)

I should note this is less for my readers, most of which are fellow authors like me, and more or your significant other.  They are WOW’s or Widows of Writers.

I know your writer isn’t really dead, but they are in their head, practicing their craft, and putting their stories to paper. They aren’t ignoring you (intentionally) but sometimes, when they are in the zone there is little attention left for you.

How to tell you’ve become a WOW is easy enough, just watch the signs.

The signs are easy to see, one day your loved one started to spend more time in your house library. Another sign being your house has a library.  You have more books in your…

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4 thoughts on “How to be a good WOW

    1. I’m undergoing a journey similar to yours, and found this piece very much on the nose for myself. I’m currently in plot/character building mode of a fairy tale, and it’s driving me distracted, as well as my family and friends, I’m sure.

      1. I will keep posting my steps and missteps in hopes that you (and anyone else navigating this mine field called “Modern Publishing”) can avoid the missteps that I will inevitably make and have already made. And watch others, after all we are all in the same mine field!

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