I’m Kassie, spelled with a “K”

When I was a kid, no one ever spelled my name correctly.  You see, for whatever reason, people had the hardest time not mixing up the initials.  I was born Kassandra Cron.  Even spell check tells me that’s not the way it wants to spell my name.  So, I started making it easier on everyone who ever needed to spell my name, and myself, by introducing myself as Kassie, spelled with a “K”.  Somehow, that wasn’t enough to get my name to roll off the tongue.  I was then called multiple variations the likes of Kasey, Kassy, and of course, Kathy.  Which was also annoying, as my mom’s name was Cathe.

Over the many years I’ve spent being a bookworm, I’ve come to know the lineage of my name, and it has begun to have another distinction to me, as one that has it’s own unique story.  I speak of The Delphic Oracle, Cassandra of Troy.  She predicted the Fall of Troy, but wasn’t heeded, and her prophecy fulfilled.  I’m currently digging through the web to find out as much about this woman as I can, she intrigues me, greatly.  If you have any information, please, share, I am an information junkie. 

I’ll close with a final anecdote about my name.  It seems that at one point, I had impressed that my name begins with a K enough, that my former husband, and my former neighbor/ supervisor decided to immortalize me in song.  On a particularly hilarious drunken evening,( hilarious for them, as I was pregnant, and not drinking) Bon Jovi happened to play on the cd changer, and they locked eyes, and began belting out, “She’s Kassie.  Spelled with a “K” to the tune of “Dead or Alive”.  Almost fifteen years later, I hear those guys singing, and they were even nice enough to write down the lyrics, I still  have those, as well.  All in all, I’d say I like my name, it’s definitely different, and I’m not exactly plain Jane.

So, have a groovy evening,

Kassie, spelled with a “K”





10 thoughts on “I’m Kassie, spelled with a “K”

    1. Hi Kassie, I believe what you’re seeing here are pingbacks, meaning, other bloggers has made a link of this particular post on their own page. Example, on “Memoirs: What’s a Name..” the link to your blog appears at the latter part of his/ her post. at number 39. How this helps!



      1. Arianne,
        Thank you so much! I’m still rather new at blogging, and thought I understood most of the basics. Now I feel a bit silly, but much less confused! I’ll take that any day. Thanks for the heads up. I enjoyed your Name post, as I can definitely relate to the misspelling. Have a groovy day.:)

      2. I was about to put a link of your post when I saw your comment^^. Keep it up. Your page looks good already! 🙂

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