Paperback Writer

“Dear Sir or Madam, would you read my book?”  The Beatles tapped into my hunger to be a “real writer” at a very young age for me.  As I grew older, the word play all around me enticed my passion.  Today I’m sitting in my garret surrounded by haphazardly stacked books.  Hundreds of missives are waiting for me to become reacquainted with.  I know these volumes personally, for the most part, though the donations received for Give a Kid a Book leave me with unburied treasures to find.  Each name along the spine is either an old friend, a new friend, or one I haven’t met yet.  

     As usual, music drives my pursuits.  I’ve often felt like Lady Madonna, wondering how to make ends meet.  So, I’ve traveled down that Long and Winding Road through  blue collar job after blue collar job, to try to provide for my Clones.  Always, though, the words called to me, even when I was nearly numb from the endless hours of scrubbing toilets, or stacking boxes.  While on my literary hiatus, I indulged my addiction for words by insisting on working on the Weekly Reader line as often as possible, before it was removed from the presses completely at the print shop I spent day after day.  I felt like the Fool on the Hill, nobody seemed to hear me, for they thought I was just a fool.  But I saw the sun going down, and the eyes in MY head saw the world spinning round.  

The Beatles sing my songs, “Killing Me Softly”, as it were, and I am pretty lucky to have been given that outlet for my creativity when no others were allowed.  That was another amazing thing about the Fab Four and stories that I have learned to lean on.  No one can take them away from me.  I read them, I heard them, I committed them to memory.  Forever they are mine, no matter what else I lose along the way.  By immersing myself in the words, they are so much a part of me, only death could separate the two.

How wonderful is it to be human?  To be allowed the privilege of thought, words, and creativity?  Remember, that is what distinguishes us from all the other creatures of the Earth.  Only we have been given the gift of words.  I am thankful that I get to live A Day in the Life of the universe.  As I sit here, the wind blows the curtains with a heavy breath.  John sings to me, telling me about a film he saw today.  Books are Helter Skelter  all around my little island of technology which rests upon the Champion Underwriter Portable Typewriter I bought years ago on a literary whim.  All is groovy.


have a groovy day,



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