They say life is a giant circle.  I disagree.  I think it’s a zillion little circles that have to be linked into a larger chain.  Life is labyrinthine.  We all have a path to follow, but understanding that each person has their own is hard to do.  There are those in every person’s life that should have not stayed so long, or should have stayed longer.  

Lately, I’ve been set on several courses at once, and a house divided cannot stand, so I am at a crossroads of sorts.  They say when one door closes, another opens, but I’m not sure if I want what’s behind door 1, 2, or 3.  Maybe I want what’s behind that little door in Wonderland?  Or perhaps, the wardrobe door?  Sometimes the hardest part of being a bookworm is the ability to close the book.  

So, the Oracle of Grooviness, what does she do when she needs guidance? Well, she listens to The Beatles.  Those Liverpudlian Lads have been speaking to my heart since I was a toddler.  As we speak, a symphony aches behind Paul’s voice as he tells the sad tale of Eleanor Rigby.  This song will forever bring to mind a very special music teacher who taught me to hear the stories between the notes and words.  Their genius always leads me on to other incredible artists who evoke so much emotion with their craft.

Inspiration is a slippery thing.  It is intangible, therefore it can’t be held on to.  Passion can be fleeting and overwhelming.  Sometimes, the muses decide to caress a person’s soul, and beauty springs forth.  Most times, though, they are shrews hoarding their precious commodities.  Often, just for fun, Calliope will sing her song in that roaring voice that can be as silent as a summer breeze.  

She and her sisters sing their songs in my heart and soul, and I feel that somehow all of my voices will join and become my true self.  I am listening closely to what is being spoken, and I hope that you, the reader is as intrigued as I am to see where this path may take me.Image


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