I always wanted to be She-Ra

Right now, my youngest 2 daughters are completely engrossed in a DVD I bought for a buck.  It’s the complete adventures of She-Ra!  Since the first time I saw her lift that sword and cry out “For the honor of GreySkull!!!!!” I’ve been hooked.  As Adora, she fought tirelessly for the Horde, but once she was shown the truth of the matter, she turned her back on evil and fought only for good.  It was that choice that made her a heroine.  The choice to do the right thing, no matter how costly to her personal goals.  As an adult, I can see all the cheesiness of this cartoon clearly.  I don’t care.  I still get excited and hold up my pretend sword when she lifts hers, and now, so do my girls.  Even better, they are excited about watching a cartoon that while being pretty corny, has a great moral value, which is more than I can say for most of the programming for kids today.  So, until next time….

“For the honor of GreySkull… I…AM… SHE- RA!!!!!!!!!!!!”

P.S. That’s still one of the grooviest outfits I’ve ever seen…. and I found a t-shirt on thinkgeek.com that even has the cape and sword on the back!!!  I’m pretty sure that’s my birthday present to me… come on July!


2 thoughts on “I always wanted to be She-Ra

    1. They watched The Sword of She-Ra crossover. The Christmas special is on the list!! Also, the kids all adore the old black and whites as well, Emma especially loves Betty Boop and Felix. Nora loves the sing-a-long Merry Melodies the best.

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